Checkout Problems

With so many variations of computers, laptops, phone devices, browsers and operating systems, there are occasionally some problems experienced by customers on the checkout page. I’m very sorry for any problems that you do have – more details below on filling out the Checkout Page. 

Below is a snap of what the Checkout page looks like. One of the most common reported problems is entering the address information, which is required in order to display the shipping options, and having this message display in the shipping charges section “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help“.

Please try the following to correct:

    • Note that on some browsers the default Country may show as Canada (which is where I live). You can change this by clicking on the arrow at the right side of the box and selecting your country, then state (where required).
    • If you select your country, for example United States, and the box marked Province does not change to State, please refresh your browser, and it should correct. This is a problem that I have reported to the shopping cart software, WooCommerce, and am waiting for a fix.
    • Alternate Web Browsers: In testing I have found more problems with Firefox. If you are using Firefox and having problems, I recommend trying  Explorer or Chrome.
    • If there are “Billing Details” fields missing on your Checkout page (compared to the image below), and/or if the order still will not process, then it’s time for Plan B – email Marsha your order (details below).


If you are still having problems, please email Marsha with the products you would like to purchase and your mailing address and I will contact you with shipping options.
To take a ‘snapshot’ of your order screen,
1 – hold down the Ctl, Alt & PrtScrn buttons to copy the screen
2 –  create an email to me
3 – in the body of the email message, press Ctl & V buttons to copy into your email.
While I am mostly in the office from Mon to Fri, 9-5, I check my emails at other times too. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, and appreciate your patience.
4 – If you prefer, you can contact my on my Toll Free Line (good in Canada and the US) 1-888-860-3338.