Hitomi Shida books

Knitting designer Hitomi Shida is highly regarded for her complex stitch combinations of lace and texture. Her design sense in combining lace, texture and fancy stitches is exceptional. Her most well-known designs are for the series titled Let’s Knit Series Couture. These elegant garments often turn knitters’ heads and are pivotal in inspiring them to take on the challenges of deciphering Japanese knitting patterns.

Though her stitch dictionary Knitting Patterns 250 is currently out of print, she has a new stitch dictionary Knit Couture 260 Knitting Patterns.

Couture-Knit-260-ScarfFor a knitting show I knit up this sample scarf, knit from Hitomi Shida’s scarf pattern in the book Couture Knit 260 Knitting Patterns. As I learned quite a lot in the process, I have written up my notes to share with you. You can download my Couture Knit 260 –  Scarf pattern notes.

You can view a listing of Hitomi Shida books currently available.