Couture Knit 14 PC

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82 pgs, colour photos, softcover NV80054
by Hitomi Shida
NOTE: This title is written entirely in Japanese.

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Though written entirely in Japanese, there are clear charts to aid the Adventurous Knitter.

Knit designer Hitomi Shida creates collections of beautiful garments, many combining lace knitting and texture for complex stitch patterning that challenge knitters. This collection has many stunning sweaters to choose from, many with great details and edgings.

NOTE: As with many Japanese garment designs, they are often only charted for one size, and the knitter has to re-calculate for their desired size.

jb_Interpreting_handout To help you with reading Japanese garment patterns I have written a free 8 page information brochure on Interpreting Japanese Knitting Patterns, available with purchase of books. The information brochure is available in a printed version only.
Enjoy! Marsha White