EU Shoppers

For shoppers that live in the European Union – New VAT Regulations on digital products
With the Jan 1, 2015 new regulations for VAT (VAT is now charged based on the country of the purchaser for digital products), unfortunately I have had to make a few changes. The regulations to comply with the new VAT rules are beyond the technical (and time-wise) ability of many micro businesses like mine.

There is some hope that groups like the EU VAT Action will be successful in having the VAT regulations revised to exempt micro businesses. Please visit their web site as they have links to more information and a petition requesting changes.

Placing orders by email
In the meantime, my automated ordering system no longer works for EU countries, but I am happy to take email orders for any patterns (hard-copy only), books or yarns. Please email Marsha with your shopping list and I will send you a shipping quote. Once you have confirmed back your shipping choice, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Note that for pdf-only products (Annie Maloney patterns and stitch collections) they are currently not available for most EU shoppers (see below if you are in the UK).

Note: UK shoppers
Currently the UK is interpreting the EU VAT applicable on automated digital downloads, but purchases made with manual intervention do not have VAT. Please email Marsha if you want to purchase a pdf pattern, and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Other EU shoppers
For Provenance Knits pdf patterns, they can be purchased at Ravelry
For Fiddlesticks Knitting pdf patterns, they can be purchased at Patternfish.