Knitting Techniques

There are many resources for knitting techniques. Here are some of my favourite links to technique pages, YouTube tutorials, and pdfs. Hope you enjoy them!


Calculating yarn length for cast-on
Two methods for calculating the length of the tail yarn for the Long-tail cast-on. pdf by Marsha White

Crochet provisional cast-on
A cast-on used when you want to pick up the cast on stitches and knit in the opposite direction. It is often used for edging lace shawls; or starting in the middle of a scarf or stole and knitting out to the ends. pdf by Marsha White

Knitted cast-on
This cast on creates a flexible edge with stretch, ideal for lace. pdf by Marsha White

Long-tail cast-on
Popular cast-on shown with step by step photos. pdf by Marsha White

Magic cast-on
A demonstration by Cat Borhdi on the cast-on created by Judy Becker


Cast-off for circular knitting
When casting off after competing a circular garment there is a jog between the first stitch cast off and the last stitch cast off. The method shown below helps to minimize the jog. pdf by Marsha White

Russian grafting
A very clever way to join two sections of knitting in a smooth and easy to work method. pdf by Dorothy Siemens, Fiddlesticks Knitting

Decorative Stitches
Beading techniques from Sivia Harding Adding some sparkle to your knitting is easy with beads, and this excellent article by Sivia Harding, on the site, is a great reference.

Single twisted stitch
A decorative stitch often used in Japanese knitting patterns and Eastern European twisted stitch patterns. pdf by Marsha White

Mock lace cable
Often used in in Japanese knitting stitch patterns. It is easy to work and adds a decorative addition to your knitting with a few simple moves. pdf by Marsha White

Stranded Knitting

Jogless colour knitting in the round In this method a purl stitch is worked between rounds. The knit stitches on either side of the column of purls are seamed up so that the colourwork pattern matches, which creates a closed circle for each round, vs a spiral.

You Tube videos on stranded knitting
There are a variety of techniques one can use for stranded knitting, and this listing of videos presents several. From catching in floats across the back of your work, to how best to hold the working yarns for even tension, there are many great tips to have your colourful stranded knitting works look exceptional.

Knitty article on Color Stranding
A well-written article on colour stranding, written by Theresa Vinson Stenersen, with several photos to illustrate how best to hold the yarns, and catching in floats.

General Resources

Lucy Neatby on YouTube
Lucy is an innovative knit designer with a well-stocked bag of knitting tips and techniques.

Lace knitting techniques
From Fiddlesticks Knitting designer Dorothy Siemens, several tips and techniques for blocking lace, working Estonian Nupps, and how to read lace charts.