Cable Innovations Vol 1: 33 Composite Designs pdf

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by Annie Maloney

The first in a series of original stitch designs, and features 33 unique cable stitch patterns, designed by the author.
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From the author…
Cable Innovations Volume 1 is the first installment in a collection of unique cable stitch patterns. In this series, liberal use is made of interesting details, such as braids and knots, texture and eyelets, plaits and asymmetry.

This initial 33-stitch selection consists of panels and repeating designs that combine mixed widths of cable stitch units, intricately interwoven in surprising ways. Use them to add distinctive patterning to your knitting projects.

A word of caution: I don’t always follow the rules, so be prepared to follow directions closely … do not assume that the most conventional progression of stitches lies ahead!”

NOTE: stitch patterns have both charts and written instructions.
Available as PDF only

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