Traditional Scandinavian Knitting


184 pgs, softcover
by Sheila McGregor

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From the publisher :
“An expert on traditional Scandinavian knitting explains the distinctive craft's origins, its various types, and knitting techniques in this classic guide. Sheila McGregor's in-depth treatment ranges from the regional styles of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to those of the North Atlantic Islands of Faeroe and Iceland. Vibrant patterns for an array of garments include jerseys, gloves and mittens, stockings, and caps.

Illustrated with 191 black-and-white and 20 color pictures, this volume is well known and prized among longtime practitioners of the craft. Its return to print will delight a new generation of knitting enthusiasts.

Reprint of The Complete Book of Traditional Scandinavian Knitting, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1984.”

Note: detail images are of historical garments that inspired the charts given in the book. No patterns are given.


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